Author: Maribel Garcia

Cooking with a Celebrity: William Valdés

En nuestra sección, Cooking with a celebrity, nos fuimos al restaurante Mesamar Seafood Table con el talentoso animador de Despierta América, William Valdés, quien junto a la chef Fifi prepararon unos deliciosos platos de pescado y langosta. William nos sorprendió con su increíble habilidad en la cocina, un secreto que tenía bien guardado.

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The Magic of MesaMar

Recently, I’ve been on a seafood craze across Miami. I’d like to think it’s inspired by my recent travels to Chile where my fiancé and I indulged in a myriad of foreign seafood dishes that left us a bit nostalgic about the somewhat limited choices in Miami.

However, on a recent visit to Mesamar, the latest restaurant addition to Coral Gables, I was once again stirred by this city’s ability to harbor talent and transfer bold flavors from Latin America through innovative menus. Mesamar quite frankly blew my socks off.

A small restaurant with dimmed inviting lighting all tucked away on Giralda Avenue sets the scene for our dinner that kicks off with a plethora of seafood small plates all unique in their presentation and taste.

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